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Services and information

The A2 highway from Zagreb, more precisely the Zagreb West interchange to the internal border of the EU, is operated from the Traffic Control Center in COKP Krapina (Center for Traffic Maintenance and Control Krapina).

Egis Road Operation Croatia d.o.o. is in charge of traffic management, traffic control and regular maintenance.

Traffic management, monitoring and control takes place continuously 24 hours a day from the control room.

Patrol – surveillance is achieved on two sub sections, 9 times within 24 hours, 5 times during the day and 4 times during the night.

Regular maintenance of the highway takes place according to approved maintenance plans.

Winter service is organized in the period from 01. november. – 31. March, and exceptionally for the Krapina Macelj section from 15 March. October to 15. April. Winter service takes place with two locations from the Mokrica Maintenance Center and the Krapina Traffic Maintenance and Control Center.

Accompaniment of dangerous substances:

Restrictions for the transport of dangerous goods through the Sveta Tri Kralja tunnel in accordance with the category of tunnels:

In the period from 01. september – 30. The Holy Three Kings Tunnel allows the transport of dangerous goods marked in accordance with the ADR without restrictions.

In the period from 01. july – 31. Traffic is allowed without restrictions on all those dangerous goods that are not listed in Article 7 or the cargo is marked with the code tunnel code B/E, C/E and D/E and the code tunnel code E, and those that do not have a mark. For others, escort through the tunnel is obligatory, and during the ban, a tour of the state road D1 from the Krapina interchange to the Đurmanec interchange is allowed.

Moving around the toll plaza:

When leaving the vehicle and moving around the toll plaza and other areas where they are exposed to oncoming traffic, users are obliged to wear a reflective vest and move on marked footpaths if there are any.

Emergency numbers

National Protection and Rescue Directorate – 112
Ambulance – 194
Police – 192
Firefighters – 193
Lučko Traffic Police – 01 6530870
Traffic Police Krapina – 049 374309
Traffic control EROC – 049 382835 or 098 9843005
HAK – 1987

General terms and conditions


HOP-ZOP-PRAV_01 Book of regulations_transport of dangerous goods through the tunnel STK
HOP-ZOP-PRAV_01-PRIL _01-[OBR] Approval for transport of dangerous goods through the tunnel STK-1
Odluka o naplati naknade za izdavanje suglasnosti za prijevoz opasnih tereta-1