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Traffic control
Motorway A2 Zagreb - Macelj is operated from new, modern Traffic control center in O&MC Krapina. Operation and surveillance of traffic are provided through few mutually connected complex systems (video surveillance, dynamic signalization, vehicle counters, speed control sensors, fire detection and alarming system, etc.) which ensure more efficiency for the Operator in providing its services and more safety and comfort to the drivers on the Motorway Zagreb-Macelj.
Cameras and video surveillance system are ensuring visual control of the traffic flow along the interchanges, motorway itself, and motorway objects - especially tunnels. Some of them are equipped with automatic incident detection like driving in wrong direction, stopped vehicles etc.
Dynamic signalization system - VMS (variable message system) has active portals on the opened sections of the motorway which are used to display information to the drivers - about weather condition, temperatures, eventual incidents, accidents, traffic diversions, works etc.
All portals can be controlled and operated automatically and manually. In automatic mode for managing portal signalization, information collected from meteorological stations are transferred, analyzed and used so proper limitation can be displayed on VMSes according - visibility (fog), humidity, wind and ice.
Motorway maintenance
Maintenance works on the motorway are done according to the Yearly Maintenance Plan. Plan is produced in accordance with proscribed Croatian Laws and standards. It is divided into 12 monthly plans.
Winter maintenance
Winter service is organized each winter season from 1st November till 31st March (except for mountainous section Krapina - Macelj from 15th October till 15th April) from two O&M centers: Maintenance center Mokrice and Operation and maintenance center Krapina.
Winter Maintenance is organized according to the winter service plan. Activities are controlled by the Patrolman on constant duty on the motorway itself, and Traffic control operators from O&MC Krapina who are monitoring the status on the motorway through traffic surveillance system, receiving all relevant data like weather forecasts, information about traffic and when needed providing requested service.
Equipment maintenance
According the Operation & maintenance Agreement signed between Concessionaire Company AZM d.o.o. and the Operator EGIS ROAD OPERATION CROATIA d.o.o. responsible for regular maintenance of all fixed operating equipment along motorway. The maintenance is organized according to yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily maintenance plans for all systems implemented on the motorway itself. (Toll collection system, traffic control and management system, video surveillance systems, ventilation systems in tunnels, electricity supply controlling systems, SOS telephone call boxes system, meteorological stations, etc. )
Telephone numbers in case of emergency
National protection and rescue service - 112
Emergency ambulance - 194
Police - 192
Fire brigade - 193
Traffic police Lučko - 01 6530870
Traffic police Krapina - 049 374309
EROC traffic control operator - 049 382835 or 098 9843005
company seats: EGIS ROAD OPERATION
CROATIA d.o.o.
Martićeva 47
10 000 Zagreb
main office - o&mc Krapina: EGIS ROAD OPERATION CROATIA d.o.o.
Velika Ves 116/a, Lepajci, 49000 Krapina, Croatia
tel: + 385 (0)49 382 888
fax: +385 (0)49 382 833
Concession company: Autocesta Zagreb-Macelj d.o.o.
Founder: EGIS Group