Exempted from toll payment

Following categories of clients are exempted from toll payment:
  • Persons with a physical impairment that results with determined inability of the lower extremities of 80% or more, disabled war veterans with 100% physical disability and the persons with physical impairment of vision of 100%, all on the basis of disability Smart Cards
  • Vehicles from emergency services, medical transportations, fire department, internal affairs and military police
  • Vehicles from the Ministry of internal affairs and military police who use blue lights to ensure the passage for one vehicle or a convoy of vehicles driving behind
  • Passenger cars used by Judges and state attorney when conducting investigations regarding criminal offenses, official vehicles of the Customs Administration, the Mountain Rescue Service vehicles and vehicles of the Ministry of justice used for transport of arrested or convicted persons
  • In accordance with the agreements that the Croatian Government concluded with international institutions (EUFOR)
  • Other vehicles on the basis of the authorization / license issued by the Board of AZM Ltd.
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