About us

EGIS ROAD OPERATION CROATIA doo is acting as the Operator on the Motorway Zagreb Macelj (A2) in Croatia, starting from 9th August 2004. Pursuant to the Operation and Maintenance Agreement of the motorway Zagreb Macelj, signed in late June 2004, the commitment of management and maintenance and toll collection in the name and on behalf of the Concession Company Autocesta Zagreb Macelj d.o.o. on the subject motorway A2, are transferred to us.
EGIS ROAD OPERATION CROATIA doo as the Operator is responsible for the regular maintenance of motorway alone, its facilities, all fixed and mobile equipment on it, for the management and traffic control on the entire section, all in order to provide quality and the best possible service to our clients-customers with a high level of security and the comfort of travel. Toll Collection is performed on six (6) toll plazas in the name and on behalf of the Concession Company.
Since May 2007, when the last section was opened to traffic, EGIS ROAD OPERATION CROATIA doo manages 60 km highway, with six (6) toll stations, many structural objects including six (6) tunnel with total length of 3.6 km. According to the length of the longest tunnel Sveta tri Kralja of 1765m, and the relevant legal requirements, the fire brigade was established and it's located at the Center for maintenance and traffic control Krapina (O&MC). EGIS ROAD OPERATION CROATIA doo currently employs 130 workers.
Our daily business is based on honest and trustworthy relationship especially with our employees, business partners, co-workers, contractors and suppliers in which we strive to always provide quality services and to meet the requirements that are placed before us.
All customers, users of our services, we strive to provide what they expect: safe and comfortable driving on the motorway, with a high level of quality of our service Operation and maintenance of the motorway.
Our actions and execution of work processes and activities always take into account the impact on the environment, nature, air, soil and water, we are trying to wisely manage waste generated in our processes, sustainably manage resources, energy and constantly provide a healthy and safe environment both for our employees and for all other co-workers, contractors, visitors and of course clients-customers.
Steady progress, modernization and development are the main characteristics of our business, which we aim to continually improve, with a vision to be a recognizable brand in operation, management and maintenance of the motorway!
EGIS ROAD OPERATION CROATIA doo was so far successfully implemented the four standards which are unified ie integrated in ISU_ Integrated Management System, fulfilling all the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 i ISO 50001 which is confirmed with successful regular inspection audits and certificates.
Standards have been introduced in order to optimize company performance and achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness, to ensure constant review, development and improvement through the use of integrated management system.
All this is clearly stated in the umbrella document: Policy of the integrated management System

All certificates are issued by the DQS UL MSS, the international certification body. The list of certified features for EGIS ROAD OPERATION CROATIA d.o.o. is available at www.dqs.hr

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 50001:2018

ISO 45001:2018
company seats: EGIS ROAD OPERATION
CROATIA d.o.o.
MartiŠeva 47
10 000 Zagreb
main office - o&mc Krapina: EGIS ROAD OPERATION CROATIA d.o.o.
Velika Ves b.b., Lepajci, 49000 Krapina, Croatia
tel: + 385 (0)49 382 888
fax: +385 (0)49 382 833
e-mail: office@egis.hr
Concession company: Autocesta Zagreb-Macelj d.o.o.
Founder: EGIS Projects